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Buffy Barbie: sb_fag_ends special

I did a couple of Barbie scenes to illustrate prompts at sb_fag_ends this month and I wanted to bring them over here.

First up, Drusilla reads the tarot:


Then much later Fred helps Spike to summon the ghost of Tara to read his cards for him. Quite why will remain a mystery:


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I had to find a use for them...

Yay for repost! ;)

I think you should do more of these as just general art submissions...

What like: this is Spike and Buffy shopping sort of thing?

Yeah! Have you ever seen those coffee table books with the little toy chicks in? It could be like that, only instead of captions saying 'Tabitha did like her new boots; if only they weren't two sizes too small' you could have witty Spuffy commentary.

Hmm. I can't think of a specific example, but I know what you mean.

I could do a calendar!

Everyone likes calendars!

I will think about it. Ooh I'm already off... Chinese New Year, Valentines, Easter, etc. I've wanted to do a chinese restaurant for a long time.

Ha! This is wonderful. :D

I'm quite proud of the first one.

These are fun! I love things in miniature. Where did you get the tiny tarot cards?

That's my motivation too. I love doll ouses, but I'm not that domestic or rich, I like applying the minatures to things I'm interested in, like this (and horses, I have been known to do this with model horses too).

I got the tarot off Ebay a while back. This is the set. They are very difficult to actually read though.

I think they're fabulous. :)

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