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Buffy Barbie Part6 - AtS Destiny!

Back to this nonsense. I have several of these to post.

First uphesadevil wanted Angel and Spike's fight from Destiny.

I found this a bit tricky, to be honest. The scene is very dark and there's no one 'iconic' pose with both of them, so I've gone for a sort of mash up of the events.




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Nice bitter cup of Symbolic Mountain Dew - great casting. Also Angel's hair seems especially vibrant today...

The cup even says 'Champion'!

I like it! (Though, erm, I am drunk, so it looks to me a but like Spike is holding a dagger to Angel's head in order to give him a side-on paper-cut at the same time as Angel has a wank? I think this is symbolic of a lot of things, but I don't remember it from Destiny...)

Paper cuts from daggers. Yes, that is exactly what's happening.

I use paper cuts in this sense to refer to those annoying slicey-cuts that go sideways rather than down. I've had one from a knife before. It was mean. :(

I thought the definition of paper cut was 'a cut that hurts 50 times more than it has any right to considering it's only a small nick from a piece of paper'. But maybe that's just me.

For me that's a by product of the type of cut it is - the knife version still canes, even though it's nothing.

It still thinl the 'paper' in the 'paper cut' swings it. I'm just traditional.

You're so bourgeois, Boggles. You'd never make it with the hipsters.

I'm too old for that sort of thing now (though clearly not for Barbie).

Edited at 2011-11-28 12:07 am (UTC)

Or most of them are wankers anyway, you mean? (And you make Barbie art! ;) )

That depends on whether like me or not. (That's my excuse anyway)

I think liking you/not is as good a test of any of wankerdom. :D

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