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Wow. Tonight's a boring night on LJ. You might me make resort to doing the cleaning. Or, you know, writing or something.


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I can't remember what I'm supposed to do when I have time to kill on the internet... Was playing a tower defence game, but now I'm bored. I bought a new coat today, though! It's mixed yellow and black bouclé. XD

Sounds delightful.

I wrote a sentence of Working today.

Soon my entire world will taste of Doc Marten (or something).

Yaaaaaay! You should write another sentence. Right now.

I'm looking forward to the leathery biscuits then.

Steady on, now.

As well you should! (When are you expecting these, BTW, she says, getting her planning hat on. I suppose it is December soon...)

... Said Spike, not quite sure he wanted to die.

I don't know, whenever.

He's toast. Literally.

Fair enough. Maybe I'll sort it out next week when I have the first free weekend in ever...

I can't see Buffy standing for that. At least not without a butter knife.

Perhaps I'd better give you my work address, then I can have them sent to my desk to make everyone jealous.

She's a bit busy being hollowed out at the moment.

Ooh - you could email it (I'm terrified I'm going to lose your comment anyway). Of course that would mean I would have to make the parcel loud enough to be enviable. Hmm...

I feel like there's some sort of sandwich theme going on here.

I'm sure you'd be up for that challenge! Tbh, they just get jealous when I get a parcel for any sort.


Well, the first part of the plan involves tracking down a sensibly-sized cardboard box... I fear it may be the trickiest part!

A fiendishly tricky dilemma!

We shall see how it pans out!

PM me with your addy if you want a card. :)


Sorry. Usually, Friday is non-LJ night round my way. And in fact I'm going again now.

Spike's pose is very dramatic. love he cup/goblet/chalice

When I rewatched the scene, reproducing the punch was a no-brainer!

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