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TVD - Caroline

Round up


I didn’t mean to let the cobwebs build up and not post for so long. It’s not like I haven’t been around or made posts elsewhere, but I think I sometimes forget that sb_fag_ends is not my home journal because that’s where the action is (or definitely has been of late).

Not that life has been terribly exciting, there's not a lot I can do with my bad knee (have I mentioned that here before?). Halloween was busy with parties, but not a lot else has happened.

However, The Raven Banner, Black Widow and Kiss Chase(!) were nominated for things at the SunnyD Awards, so thank you whomever it was that did that, it's been an eternity since I was nominated for anything! ETA: Actually, you can vote there now.

What else was there? Um. A bit of fic, a bit of Barbie nonsense. I'll leave those for another post, else it'll be another month before I post again!

Ooh, how about Christmas? Who wants a handmade Christmas card, handmade by me? Comments are screened if you want to leave an address.


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Okay, you're on the list!

Merry Christmas!

(Screened comment)

I still have you both in my book, so you are definitely on my list after last year's illness blip.

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On the list!

I'm hopeless at remembering to fill out these card offers. Will get to it now!

Who wants a Christmas card? Do you have to ask? ;-)

Ah, you're already on my list. It was just last year, with the hospital and everything which disturbed my card sending.

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