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SPN - Dean (Worried)

So it's a threesome now

I don't normally feel the urge to comment because I'm useless at meta and not much good at squee, but Supernatural was so good last night! Especially after The Vampire Diaries bored me a little with too much boring Matt being stupid and boring I wish Bonnie had left him to drown. Not that the rest of the episode was bad, it's just that Matt...ugh. I just don't care and you're spoiling my view of the pretty vampires. At least there was Katherine.

But never mind that, Season Three of TVD has been excellent so far and Damon still occupies far too many of my thoughts, yet... SPN felt old school, like Seasons Five and Six had never happened! Whee! Plus Osiris, being with Odin, one of my favourite gods, made an appearance I have been hoping to see for a long time and he didn't disappoint me like Odin did (for not having a big floppy hat). The thing is, I've missed the Dean angst and these stories where events are about the brothers themselves so, so much, that it feels like I have the show I fell for back again.

And because I'd thought Dean and his many issues had abandoned me forever and the show had annoyed me with crap angels fighting and being the excuse for silly meta episodes for so long, I allowed my head to be turned by a dark, broken Salvatore who can more than satiate my need for pretty manpain, but here Dean and his guilt and his big twinkly green eyes are again to sweep me back off my feet! This season of SPN is so much better now they've got rid of Castiel (not that I think for a minute that he (and the meta) won't be back, alas) and I'm engaged in the story again!

Watch out Damon, be ready to fight for me, because it looks like Dean's going to duke it out!

Now if things carry on the way they are going, this year's US TV season is going to be great! Now if only The Secret Circle could get its act together...


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Blimey, this is so positive it barely sounds like you! :D Glad to hear that the teevees are being nice to you, though, even it is the devil SPN...

I must be in a good mood.

And I meant to say that it wasn't a bad thing - you do very good squee when inspired. :P

I don't get inspired to squee often, and usually it's about things no one else cares about (Depeche Mode!)

Alas, that's always the way. I almost wrote a squee post about black treacle yesterday, but then I decided it was probably superfluous.

Oh yeah, I take it that the flapjacks went well?

Fairly well; they didn't quite solidify, but that's actually a better outcome than when there's too much butter and it all sinks... I think I need to adjust my solid sugar:syrup ratio. (They taste excellent, you just can't pick them up whole.)

The taste is what really matters, after all.

I rather thought that the Secret Circle is getting it's act together since Thursday - one down and five to go...

At least there was Katherine.

Yes, there was. And tag teaming with Jeremy of all people.

I haven't seen this weeks Secret Circle yet, but although it's okay it hasn't grabbed me yet. It's still early days though.

I'm not sure sure I would have left her with him, but I suppose it was the lesser of the evils and it's not like Damon actually cares all that much about him.

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