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Buffy Barbie Part5 - Beneath You!

liliaeth asked for the Buffy/Spike scene from Beneath You.

There's two versions of this one because I think they worked in slightly different ways.

Barbie Buffy isn't smiling callously at Spike heartbreaking reveal, she's hysterical at the tragedy of it all. Honest.

You can still request a scene here. Non-Buffy requests totally encouraged! TVD anyone? SPN? Don't let me waste tiny Damon and Dean's leather jacket! Pretty please?

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You've got Spike nicely posed in this.

Hee, thanks! It's more like the only he would stand up though.

Trying again - I'll take you at your word re: Barbie's Buffy's smile.

I tried to shotoshop her mouth, but this time she just looked like a clown so I left her to her insensitivity.

Yeah, I like Buffy in the first one and Spike in the second one... You got the magic angle where doll!Spike's head looks like JM! Manic Buffy looks mildly like she's taking her top off(??). But v v v v good Spike!!!

*iz tired and slightly tipsy; doesn't mean to be rude if she's being rude...*

Yes, that's exactly why I felt I had to post two! I couldn't get the balance between them both.

You're not rude!

:( Could you somehow manip them together? Or would the light not work? *doesn't understand manipping on such a particular scale*

I fear rudeness at every turn!!!!

I tried isolating her and fading her out as bit, but it looked naff.

I esoecially like the second one.

It's a bit of a shame that Buffy's in the way really.

Oh Spike is just perfect!!!

He did come out rather well, shame I couldn't do the same for Buffy.

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