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Memorial shrines now?


Good grief.

Although it's sad he died and all, Steve Jobs  was CEO of a company that would like you to keep slavishly buying it's (admittedly very) shiny consumer products so they can roll around naked in your money, he is not some deity.

World get a grip.


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Okay, I am so glad I'm not the only one who's been thinking that!

It had to be said.

I find people's worship of Apple deeply creepy anyway, so much so it has put me off ever aquiring any of their products, nice though they are. This reaction is just...beyond odd.

LOL! Exactly!

Personally I would be more upset about Tim Berners-Lee, but I suspect that'll still just amount to a shrug and 'what a shame thought' before I go back to harassing the interwebs.

I was trying to comment on your doll post but bloody LJ won't let me, so while I'm here I'll just say that I agree. It's very sad he's died, but memorial shrines are way OTT.

:( It's a right pain, but I put off posting it last night and I wanted it out of the way.

Have people lost all sense of proportion? Talk about brand loyalty. Bloody sheep.

With the way some people worship Apple products it doesn't surprise me. I love my iPod Touch and all, but not that much!

It doesn't surprise me either, but as you say it's one thing to like a product, another to worship it, quite another again to nonour the CEO with shrines!

He ain't no Ianto either.

Quite. There you have a personal connection to the personality. You don't have a personal connection wth Steve Jobs (unless you really are that way inclined, I suppose), but with the products his company makes.

I always found Steve Jobs a little sinister, though rest his soul.

But not as sinister as, the devil Bill Gates, surely?

He's always been on the BBC website less.

That's media types for you. Apple worshippers. Worse than Scientologists

It is capitalism - of course the salesman is god (or iGod, as the newspeak goes).

Steve Jobs was a salesman who cleverly flooded the households of the "haves" with little electronic gadgets while exploiting the "have-nots" by having them work for minimal wages in the sweatshops of Asia to produce those gadgets.

I'm pretty sure the "have-nots" of this world don't kneel at his altar...

I'm sure the have nots aren't even aware there was an altar.

(Sorry, I have only just seen this comment)

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