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Barbie Buffy Part 3

I haven't forgotten this silly project!

I've had some issues with laziness and not quite having suitable outfits, but I think this is about there.

As requested by quinara and shapinglight

The fires aren't burning very bright and some imagination is required for Spike's hair I'm afraid.


You can still request a scene here. Non-Buffy requests totally encouraged!

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Oooh. I know very little about West Side Story, but I love the backgrounds! Especially that chainlink. I have a wastepaper basket that would do that nicely!

Angel's wig wouldn't stay on.

I inquired about what she's using for chain link fence - in case you want to re-create Walk Through the Fire .

Yeah, I know what they mean. I think the bin is very similar, it's just the size that's a bit awkward.

I might have to do some research for Walk Through the Fire, I've forgotten exactly how the fence comes in - something Spikey I think.

He climbs a fence and then he gets himself boxed in as I recall.

I have a vague recollection.

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