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Barbie Buffy Part 3

I haven't forgotten this silly project!

I've had some issues with laziness and not quite having suitable outfits, but I think this is about there.

As requested by quinara and shapinglight

The fires aren't burning very bright and some imagination is required for Spike's hair I'm afraid.


You can still request a scene here. Non-Buffy requests totally encouraged!

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It was a good idea, and I just happened to find some at work.

I'm not sure how similar their expressions are. Let's compare and contrast:

Photobucket Photobucket

I suppose they aren't exactly the same... They do look remarkably similar, though, even if Darla does have the head-tilt working for her.

Dru bends more though.

There is a wealth of Barbie heads (in fact neither of these is meant to be Barbie herself, just her friends). The things I have learnt!

You probably know more of their names than the average eight year old.

I know the average eight-year old and I know that to be true. I know Darla is a Fashion Fever Drew(!), Dru is a first run Sporty Fashionista and Angel is a second run Sporty fashionista (who looks the spit of someone I went to school with).

*snorfle* I await your stint on Mastermind! This for the first round and horses for the semis; you'll be up there.

Was this person you went to school with actually a sporty fashionista, or have they just been grossly misrepresented by Mattel?

Oh there's so much more to know! I have barely stratched a dubious surface!

I think he became a mechanic, so I doubt it.

You'd better gen up on the rest of it, then!

Yeah... I can't see that working exactly.

As I'm not planning a go at Mastermind, I think I'll pass. :P

Well, on your head be it when the next title goes to some trainspotter bloke in an anorak.

But the shame of being a Barbie expert!

You could style it out somehow...

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