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Tentacles News!

Light shed on bisexual and promiscuous deep-sea squid

'By studying footage taken by underwater vehicles, US researchers have found that this rarely seen creature will often engage in same-sex mating.

They believe this is because encounters with potential mates in the dark depths are rare, and the squid may be unable to tell the sexes apart.'



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Any port in a storm? ;-)

Heh. Makes me think that this post needs this House Greyjoy, Game of Thrones icon:


I'm I missing something?

House Greyjoy's symbol is a squid. So the creature on the shield is a squid.

The quote is from "A Dance with Dragons" and is something repeated by the male heir to the house of Greyjoy.

So basically you have the The House Greyjoy's Squid claiming it's a freak.

More sense?

the squid may be unable to tell the sexes apart.

*snort* When I was five years old, I asked my mother how to tell a boy turtle from a girl turtle. She said she didn't know, but "the turtles know and that's what's important."

Oh, I think they know; they just don't care. :)

Agreed, I think nature isn't all that fussy.

Are you happy to see me or is that just a tentiacle in your pocket?

and the squid may be unable to tell the sexes apart.

Or as Cindergal insinuated unmotivated. Come on we're all six drinks from bein' squid (I am assuming of course here that the squid is the one propositioning).

"Squidsexual" that is. Unless the drink is squidtransmogrifcation juice.

The thought of Squid Juice just made my stomach turn!

Well, I, mmm, are we assuming here that the squid is Illyria?

Elsewise definitely eight.

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