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So, I had a week off work. I was meant to go to Bath with my mum, but my dodgy knee basically scuppered that. So a staycation it was.

Was it productive? Not really. But I did go shopping, re-watched a season and a half of Roswell, finally had the doctors appointment for the dodgy knee (it only took two months of agony - I'm that good at procrastinating), was referred for physiotherapy and bought a fridge (hence tomorrow is an extra day off for me! Maybe I will get all the writing I had planned done...).

Also, on Saturday I attended the St Albans Crown Court Open Day. Whoo. I couldn't take any pictures, but I can now say I have been in a prison van and in court and in a cell block. Without the messy getting arrested part. it's a shame the mock court case was a sentencing for a minor drinking driving charge and not a juicy murder, but you can't have everything.

Tags: boggy is actually watching dvds, injures (non-sueable), life's mundane realities, my maybe not so boring life, time wasting

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