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So, I had a week off work. I was meant to go to Bath with my mum, but my dodgy knee basically scuppered that. So a staycation it was.

Was it productive? Not really. But I did go shopping, re-watched a season and a half of Roswell, finally had the doctors appointment for the dodgy knee (it only took two months of agony - I'm that good at procrastinating), was referred for physiotherapy and bought a fridge (hence tomorrow is an extra day off for me! Maybe I will get all the writing I had planned done...).

Also, on Saturday I attended the St Albans Crown Court Open Day. Whoo. I couldn't take any pictures, but I can now say I have been in a prison van and in court and in a cell block. Without the messy getting arrested part. it's a shame the mock court case was a sentencing for a minor drinking driving charge and not a juicy murder, but you can't have everything.


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I think Roswell+Doctor+Fridge counts as productive! Well done you.

I have come home to bills/things I'm going to have to query with the council. But also my big laptop and a real mouse. It's a trade-off...

You'll have to invest in a humane mouse trap. ;D

I really meant productive in a creative sense, alas.

I really meant productive in a creative sense, alas.

Ah, yes... But sometimes it's much easier to be creative when you have other things to occupy yourself, I find, like work or whatever; staycations (or in my case, weeks when I happen to be in a sludge) aren't always the best for producing things, even if you do have lots of time.

Ha, yeah. All I do is think about all the cleaning I need to do and that kills the mood.

It is somewhat hard to think Epic and Dramatic when wondering about limescale...

Limescale doesn't occupy many of my thoughts, but swap it for the kitchen floor and yeah.

I don't want loads of money, but I'd love to be able to afford a cleaner.

I don't want loads of money, but I'd love to be able to afford a cleaner.

Yeah, I know what you mean; my parents have a cleaner and on weeks like this last week (when she's been on holiday) you can really see how much she does. How far are you off being able to afford someone?

Light years, probably. Mind you I only I have 5 small rooms.

You could always treat yourself on a time by time basis every few months?

Do they do that?

I was hoping to pounce one day when a friend is down on their luck. I not sure I want a stranger rooting through the Barbie and horse collections...

I don't see why they wouldn't, if there's a gap in their schedule: work's work.

Heh; I'm not sure I'd want a friend going through my stuff... But unless you've got the horses in a charming display cabinet, I'd have thought a cleaner would leave them alone. And as you always say about the hotel for WCUK, they've probably seen worse. (Heck, I've watched Come Dine with Me and I've seen worse!)

But that's other people and I'm me and that's my stuff.

It's bad enough I'm letting the delivery men in tomorrow!

The horses take up two display cases.

Fair enough... Is there anyway you could pretend you have an eight year old daughter, upon whose obsession you dote a bit too much? Because that could make sense. Or are there two many Black Widow dioramas in the making for that one?

Good thinking. I might try that.

No BW at the moment, but a half built Fool for Love one.


I am puzzled by your choice of things to do on your hols.

I was dragged to the court by my friend (but it was interesting and useful if I ever have to write something court based (this is unlikely though)). And the fridge packed up.

I think the Roswell re-watch is fic avoidance.

I must have missed something. What have you done to your knee?

I never really mentioned it, though those at Writerconuk would have seen me hobble.

I don't know what I've done to it, but my mum thinks it's arthritis, as the symptoms seem similar to hers. She suffered terribly with it in her 30s too. The thing is, it's both knees, it's just one comes and goes and the other is agony all the time.

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