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TVD - Caroline

Wallpaper: Love Games (The Vampire Diaries)

My love affair with The Vampire Diaries continues apace, although I could have posted this about a month ago. I seem to be reluctant to post creative things these days.

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Somehow I need to hook you up with the other people on my flist who rave about this show... Anyway, c'est tres jolie, as we say in these parts!

There are people on my friends list that claim to be interested! They just don't seem interested in what I'm doing. Anyhow, I'm not expecting much around here, this is a archival post to create a template for posts elsewhere.

Ahh, I see! (And what a useful response that is... I think I might be getting somewhere with this French thing, if only because I went out for the evening with someone from my class and am now finding it very hard to switch back into natural English. Not that my French is any good, particularly, but my brain seems to be in 'slow, deliberate and laboured sentences' mode. Along with random exclamations of 'je comprends!' when I actually do...)

Tres bon!

Don't ask me for more than that. Je ne parlais francais. (?!)

Oooh, very nice. Only a month to go before the new Season.

Thanks. 23 days. Not that I'm counting or anything.

Very nice! :)

Looking forward to S3!

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