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TVD - Caroline

Boring, but important Question of the Day

So tell me about your screen resolution! Future art projects my depend on your answers!

My screen resolution(s) is(are)

800x600 (seriously? still?)
Other (see next question)

My 'other' screen resolution is:

My reasons for asking come from resizing a new Vampire Diaries wallpaper to post. I was looking at the stats for my website to see if the average sizes had changed in the last few years as more people get widescreen monitors. I was suprised to see 800x600 still resolutely sticking in there. How come? Are many people still using CRT monitors? And how do netbooks come into it?


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Um...I'm not sure? Took a guess.

That'll do. I just want to make sure I'm not making things in sizes that are no use to people. Not thay I really expect people to use them anyway...

Mine is 1366 x 768 is that weird? It's the default on my laptop...

I have no idea. I think laptops have really thrown it open. Maybe I should just make widescreen and not-widescreen wallpapers and leave it at that.

I think that might be the thing to do (not that I know anything!) I tend to use photos as my wallpapers, so I don't know, but don't most people just use the 'stretch to fit' setting for wallpapers anyway? So as long as you have the right ratios at a fairly high resolution, it won't matter too much?

Yeah, I think it's the ratios that are going to count in the end.

I remember the days when a buffy screencap of half naked Spike was all I needed.

People these days have no appreciation!

I found explaining it all to my dad when he was fixing the various dramas a bit awkward.

He just didn't understand the beauty (and the juicy pain!) of what was going on clearly.

Mine's the same! I'm on a widescreen netbook and it's the highest setting I have. :)

Yep, me too. We are the majority! And we had no idea!

And clearly, neither did I. It's contrary to what visitors to my site are using. It may just come under the mjority 'unknown' stat.

Mine's the same - it looks as if it's pretty common.

Is that a netbook? Perhaps it's common to netbooks.

No - this is actually the 15" widescreen laptop. I'm not sure what the resolution on the netbook is as it's sitting quietly in its bag at the moment.

The figure I put in the 'Other' box is for my 26" widescreen desktop monitor; I looked up the resolution on my Netbook and it is 1366x768. That definitely seems to be an extremely common size.

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