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I think I might have eaten some bad bacon, do you think it will kill me?


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No. I think you're going to wish you were dead for a while, however.

Maybe, I am sitting waiting for it to happen, but noothing is happening yet.

Not necessarily, but be prepared to feel ill and don't hesitate to call the doctor if necessary.

I'm quite looking forward to the day off.

Actually, I'm not expecting a lot to happen, I have a pretty cast iron stomach. It's just I have this funny taste repeating on me. It might just be the sweetcure.

Probably not. If you start feeling very ill, though, consult a doctor fairly quickly.

Okay. I am beginning to think it's just the cure I don't like, not that its been in the freezer too long.

Probably not. You might have an unpleasant day or two, though. (In my experience, if bacon is off, the smell or the taste will give it away before or during eating it. If you ate it without gagging, it was probably OK.)

Edited at 2011-08-17 02:31 am (UTC)

I think it had been in the freezer too long and it looked a little dodgy...

A couple of weeks ago, I thought I'd eaten some contaminated lettuce. I had a stomach ache worse than any I'd ever had. After three days, I went to see my doctor. It was actually my appendix, and it had burst. Surgery and four days in the hospital ensued.
If your discomfort continues, don't do as I did.

I actually didn't have any discomfort, more of a funny taste lingering in my mouth. I think that was actually because it was sweetcure. Bleugh.

I will try and remember the appendix advice though, that sounds worth knowing.

Are you feeling ok now?

Nope! The night has been survivved!

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