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Battening down the hatches!

There's a lot of sirens around Hemel Hempstead tonight. I live between the hospital and the fire station, so I hear them all, but there seems to be an awful lot now. I dare say as I live on a major cut through into the town from the residential areas, I will know pretty soon if something does kick off. Looking at the kids in the park now though, they seem very calm and more inclined to walk the dogs and kick a ball about than run amok.

It was very tense at work today and there have been a lot of rumours of trouble kicking off in the centre, but nothing seems to have happened, which is good because I needed toilet roll! I did pass a police cordon earlier, though I suspect that was due to an accident rather than disorder.

I wonder if PJ Harvey is now regretting calling her new album 'Let England Shake'...


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Things seem quite tense over there at the moment. Hopefully, the situation will diffuse itself shortly.

Today is nothing like yesterday, at least. Hopefully, that'll be the end of it. Anyway, it's due to rain for the rest of the week, that might put a few off.

There have been sirens going off all day here and every time I hear one I jump a mile.

Yeah, it's all probably just perfectly nnormal.

I hope you and Tegan have a nice quiet night - I am glad to know that you don't live in a flat above a branch of PC World or an Apple shop, though!

I'be very glad too, I'd have no money if that were the case!

Very twitchy, isn't it? Whole office went quiet earlier today when a load of sirens started up all at once. Logically, it was probably a traffic thing on the south circular as usual, but we all had a moment...

There were so many rumours going around, although why there would be trouble here when they can just go down the road to Watford where there are far more interesting things to nick, I have no idea!

(Deleted comment)
Ah, but you now have all our police!

Stay safe!

We had a tense moment here this evening, but it turned out to be the sausages under the grill setting off the smoke alarm.

Hope the sirens have died down now and you're having a safe and quiet evening.

Careful there!

I haven't heard a siren for awhile now, but the cat has done her best to make the evening less than peasceful!

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