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London Riots

I've been glued to the rolling news on the BBC, utterly gobsmacked really, but I have to go to bed. It's just I've never seen anything like it and the news unfolds so quickly, so little gets repeated!

Hopefully, I'm far enough away in the home counties and I can't imagine Hemel as a simmering hotbed of tension, but then I think this all about opportunity not anger and all our police are probably heading south...

I did discover in all this who was to blame though:

If you're in London stay safe!


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Bloody mystics, I might have known he'd be behind all this. *g*

He's doing his job a bit too well.

I'm glad you're not anywhere near any of the rioting... the footage is absolutely horrifying.

I did discover in all this who was to blame though:

Oh my... ROFL!

So am I, but if this spreads out to the country then who knows?

It figures that a chaos worshipper would be at the root of all this.

Bed now. But I suspect I'll have the radio on. :-(

It suddenly makes a lot of sense!

Very occasionally I do make sense.

Oh dear, of course it's Mr. Chaos himself! Where's Giles when you need him?


Probably dealing with the Hellmouth in Wisconsin.

Is he supposed to be dead now?

The whole thing is scary and very, very sad. But Ethan Rayne as a causative factor seems most plausible...

He has previous after all!

Yes, this trouble is organised crime. Smacks of Ethan’s work, when you think about it.

Violence is breaking out everywhere, closer to me, the Medway towns had rioting last night, and I’m pretty sure Ealing thought they were safe.

Bring in the troops, I say. They sorted out Ethan last time, anyway…

The more I hear the worse it gets, there was a bit of trouble in Luton that I haven't heard about on the news, but because a woman at work's husband is a policeman (who will be deployed in London tonight) we get to hear these things).

Ah, that explains a lot.

Yeah, that about sums it up.

I've been worried about all of you there because this kind of thing spread so quickly....now that I know who is at the bottom of it all I am even more afraid *grin through the worry*. You are a clever, clever girl....stay safe!


Don't let him find out or he'll turn his malevolence your direction!


Bloody Initiative can't keep anyone locked up! If only he was the cause of it.

Then we could get the Watcher's COuncil to sort it out! What's left of it, anyway.

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