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Barbie Buffy Part 2 (though this time is Angel's turn)

So mguibord wanted Angel in Caritas from 'Judgement'.

Lorne proved himself tricky as I don't have a suitable suit, so Angel is left to belt out the Manilow classic alone...


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He's not a proper Angel, but he has the hair!

Oh the hair is very Angel. *g*

Yes, his hair's all sticky uppy. :-)

Just as Angel hair should be!

He sings a lot better than the real Angel.

This is absolutely fantastic!!!! I love the hair - I don't know what it's like, but I want to say some sort of 80s-doing-50s quiff video or something, but can't remember what music video I mean and don't want to sound like a prat in front of people who know better than I do. Still - I am highly amused.

There's a bit of Nick Kamen about him now you mention it. Is that what you were after?

Now I have to work out how he's going to get a China mullet.

Possibly. Though without Wikipedia I would have no idea who Nick Kamen was, so it must only be a glimmer of a memory of a clip somewhere.

Careful application of wool?

This is one of those cases where ignorance is a blessing really. You aren't missing an important gap in your knowlege there.

Hmm. Might be worth a try.

Fortunately the doll came with that.

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