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Barbie Buffy Part 1

Now I have my computer back and working better, I can get on with this:

First up,tabitha666 asked for the Buffy and Angel fight in Becoming Part II:

I couldn't find anything to replicate the trees, so a trellis or two and some potted bushes had to do, plus the pjotoshopping is a bit rough...

Anyone still interested in prompting me to do a scene from something in Barbie, go ahead!


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Blimey, that's way more dramatic than the original.

It's a shame I couldn't get more of Angelus and his leather throusers in, but then Angel/Angelus does feature in every single request I got.

Ooh, that's great! I love zen Buffy!Barbie with her eyes closed. Not defeated yet!

That was all rough, last minute clone brushing, believe me.

Ain't nothing wrong with clone brushing!

That depends on how badly it's done, but then I couldn't have her wide-eyed and smiling as a sword comes towards her, could I?

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, I'm a little bit unsatisfied about the tree though.

There's actually four of them and another trellis, but the scene didn't work so well in the long shot.

This is the most fantastic thing I've seen all day!!

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