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A mad idea born of boredom...

In the absence of having else to say (nothing’s happened here, except the death of my parent’s cat), I thought I might reveal a little sneak peak of something I’ve been working on and maybe ask you all to set me a challenge to fill the time before anything decent is back on the telly.

About a year ago I had the sudden urge to recreate Black Widow as a ‘live’ action comic using Barbie, Ken, CY, Sindy Numan™ and other similar dolls. I got the script done, created all the panels, bought in props as needed (mucho £££), built sets, started the photography, then it kind of stalled for various reasons (lighting issues (a bulb on the fairy lights went and I can’t be arsed to look through the Christmas dec boxes for a replacement), ‘flooring’ and working out how to build something that looked vaguely like a dumpster…).

For anyone familiar with the story, here’s a sample panel from the project:

The examination scene.


Yes, that’s Dr Fuller from Limblessly in Love.

Anyway, I need to get the project finished and I need some motivation, so this is where the 'challenge me' bit comes in.

Give me a moment from the following and I will try to 'recreate it' in Barbie for a laugh*:

The Vampire Diaries
Dark Angel
Dead Like Me
Anything films etc that I've seen that don't have armour in them ETA: or period costume.


I might be open to having a crack at:

Doctor Who (if I can have a screencap)
Scenes from fics (please supply link)

*bearing in mind the limitations of Barbie and her chums, i.e. most aren’t that bendy, monsters are tricky (though I think I could do Lorne and Illyria) and older people don’t seem to exist. I do at least have a number of male dolls (plus a Spike). I will otherwise have to work with what I have.


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(Deleted comment)
Ok! I have the sword.

Just don't expect accurate likenesses!

Smashing. Really well done.

Could you manage the fight between Angel and Spike in Destiny?

Yep! Probably. Angel might not be as you'd expect him though. :)

Oh, I remember you mentioning this - I had no idea the level of detail you were going into! It looks really professional, even if it with Barbies; like one of those quirky coffee table books you get.

As for moments, I'm actually hard pressed of physical scenes (verbal person here)... But let's go for Spike's FFL barrel jump (in China) and/or Buffy walking into the desert in Restless; I love those. Or, if they're both too complicated, maybe Wesley looking down at his books that 'The Father will kill the Son' moment??

Oh that scene isn't even close to the alley scene, which has bin bags and broken glass (crushed biro)!

The barrel jump might be tricky (but I think I can have a go - I have a barrel). I will have a go.

I suppose if I asked for the Fanged Four slo-mo power shot from FFL you'd be cross?

I think Q beat you to it.

I think Angel singing "Mandy" for Lorne would be lovely.
P.S. I love you!!!

Why is everyone torturing me with Angel?

I think this will be pretty easy though!

Hmmm - why's she got different colour eye brows in the close-ups? Great work, though.

Sorry to hear about your parent's cat.

Because I never notice things like that!

She was 20, it wasn't unexpected. Sad though, she was much loved.


None of my sudden urges will ever be (or have ever been) as cool as this.

Thanks. This was born from acquiring a doll that reminded me of how I saw Black Widow Buffy and spending an awful lot of time playing with PowerPoint.

Okay, to spare you from 100% Angel, can I have something from Once More With Feeling? For preference, either Anya and Xander's funky pyjama-clad dance, or the big faceoff with the demon at the end (Spike grabbing smoking, spinning Buffy, or the line of dancing Scoobies if you want a challenge with many characters).

Your interpretation of Becoming is as heartrending as the original. Oh yeah...

Ok, noted OMWF is added to the list!

Uhm, the Buffy and Spike scene from "Beneath you", if at all possible?

I reckon I could do that.

Do you have a Dawn-like doll? How about some Spike and Dawn moments like them breaking into The Magic Box, or on the motorcycle, or hanging out in Spike's crypt?

I can do Dawn! I'll see what I can do (I doubt it'll invovle motorbikes though).

Would you be able to make something with Damon and Alaric? Anything?

Yay! Of course! I'll throw in bonus Klaus too!

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