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Film reviews

I’m watching the film Dorian Gray and I’m bored, it’s so slow, so I decided to while away the tedium and do some one line reviews of all the better films I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks:

Tangled – fun, I loved Rapunzel and her frying pan, but the love interest annoyed me a bit.

Blood on Satan’s Claw – the rape scene was unpleasant, but not quite as awful as I was expecting, otherwise it was actually a pretty good film.

Secret of Kells – I absolutely adored the quality animation and Aisling (and the cat) and I can’t think of anything negative to say about it.

Scott Pilgrim versus the World – the game aspect makes me smile every time, another film I adored.

ETA: Dorian Gray: ...snore... snore... Game of Thrones is way sexier than this... snore... ooh internet... snore ...Highgate!... snore... snore...
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