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Avoiding Disasters again

That armed siege in Watford today, was at my bank! Not that I ever go in there (I think I've been in twice), but still, my branch, of my bank.

I did wonder if it was still open.


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Sounds like it was quite disruptive. *sigh* more timecomsuming than dangerous by the report

Doing anything in Watford is quite disruptive, the traffic is always appalling.

Eep! You have an impressive talent...

Like the layout. The truquoise is easier on teh eye than orange.

It's quite a good one, although I didn't manage to avoid being in the shop when the local Blockbusters was robbed at knifepoint.

Is the layout really better, I actually find it a bit busy.

Holy crap! That sounds like something out of Flashpoint.

I have no idea what that is so I will take your word for it. I feel a bit sorry, it's probably the emptiest bank you'll ever go in. Hence the wondering if they were still there.

Flashpoint is a Canadian show (shown on CBS here) starring Veronica Mars's dad about a Special Response police unit. They're always running off to bank hostage/siege situations. Apparently Canada is a much more dangerous country than we've all been led to believe. LOL

Ooh er! Maybe you never go there, but I doubt anyone would bother with Lloyds in Chesham, so you're one up on me.

(On the layout, since I saw Gill mentioned it, I do like it very much! It does slightly confuse me, but only because on my journal the text is white-ish (pale grey) and the links are turquoise (visited ones actual white to blend mostly back into the text). Practically everything on your page looks like a link! Link link link...)

You never know, the Co Op is hardly a mecca for banking, I've never seen anyone else in it (though I think I've only been in two or three times, when telephone banking couldn't quite sort me out).

(I think it's a stop gap until I can find a better base, but I said that last time! I find it all a bit busy and I hate the page summary part, especially on my Friends page, but I can't get rid of it. I want a Tag Cloud!)

I'm fairly sure I've never actually been inside 'my' bank. I set the account up in Chorleywood, but the branch closed a few years later, so they automatically shifted the sort codes elsewhere. Any time I actually needed to go to the bank after that I went to Ricky, which obviously would have been the far more sensible place for them to shift it all.

(Not tag clouds! I don't know why I'm against them, but I tend to find lists much handier. I know what you mean about page summaries, though I actually find the one on my flist useful sometimes, if I want to click on a profile or a name without scrolling aaaaaall the way down (especially on days when no one's used any cuts).)

I've been to set up the account and to get a banker's draft (they didn't know what it was!) to buy a car (not either of my last two cars either) and I think that might be it.

(Maybe I like them because I've never had one, but I use the fag ends one all the time. I rarely use the summary.)

Apparently, it was an inside job.

Yes, it was on the news, I think. One of the people arrested actually worked in the bank.

Hmm. That's interesting seeing as he was supposed have gone into the NatWest first.

Exciting. You were in danger by association of possibilities. That is much less dangerous than probable danger but still, the remote potential was there.

Yes, very remote really, but! It was still my branch of my bank.

I think the worst part was probably the traffic jam - I'm glad I don't even live in the town anymore!

Who knows, you could have been late, had the bank's cash stolen or run out of gas; all of which are unthinkable.

By the way, wish me well, I think I sort-of own a house.

Ooh! That's personally much more exciting than a sort siege at a bank I never go in, in a town I no longer live in!

I assume it's a nice house?


Years ago, my husband and I rented a condo at the other end of the building from the condo my mother is buying. It's in this 1970's but nice condominium complex overlooking the Cape Cod Canal that my parents bought into back in '82.

It's not the condo I rented but the mirror image on the other end (with the great views of the Bourne bridge) that Mom is buying for cash and giving to me, or, more-like, putting into the family pot.

Just to make it all more fun, this was the condo belonging to the parents of the jerk landlord of our non-view end unit back in '96 who defaulted on his loan and and left us paying tenants to be evicted by the bank.

In a way, it seems only fair that we should own his parents' house.

Sounds like some kind of satisfying natural justice anyway.

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