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What's going on here then?

I woke this morning to find a section of the park 100 yards (if that) behind my flat sectioned off with Police tape and watched over by a patrol car.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity though. As it's surrounding a temporary cabin belonging to some workmen though, I'm thinking more break in than grisly murder scene.

Still, it's excitement of a sort!


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Keep us updated, won't you?

I will, but nothing much seems to be happening. :(

They've gone now. There's nothing to report.

Your current layout is unreadable - black writing on a black background. I had to use 'select all' to be able to read the text.

It could be a grisly murder - that's exactly the sort of place where they're always finding dead Marines on NCIS.

I know about the layout, I haven't done anything to it, it appears to be an LJ glitch. Except it doesn't seem to be fixing itself...

Hmmm. The Air Cadets are around the corner...

New lay-out! With squid! I like it -- but I'm guessing this means your previous lay-out couldn't be salvaged?

It's temporary, but I can't go back either (not easily anyway).

I'm looking at tying it all in with the website now.


I wonder if this ties into the fact that Mum and I went to Watford Junction last night to pick up my brother and there seemed to be quite a lot of sirening police cars around... Probably not.

I think it's hot night=trouble.

There was a lot of row in the park before the Police turned up last last night, but it didn't sound drunken or villainous, just high spirited - it certainly didn't sound like something bad had happened. The squad car has been there overnight (I know because the buggers left their lights on), but only this morning did I realise they had got the police tape out.

Oh - exciting. I'd be sitting at the window trying to see what was happening, whilst surfing the net to see if there was anything there to tell me...

But then we know my 'curious' is just a polite way of saying 'down-right nosy!'

Who's to say that I wasn't? It's just nothing happened for hours and hours! Then the Police went away and that was it.

I think it is most unfair of them not to leave a wee poster saying 'We were here doing XXX'!

I totally agree!

I'm hoping I'll bump into one of the local gossips and they'll tell me.

Oh, grisly murder case!

Oh, rather, stolen items located.

Edited at 2011-04-26 05:01 pm (UTC)

Possibly. I'm only guessing.

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