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I'm bored, Ebayed out and my sb_fag_ends story has stalled.

What mischief can I fill an evening with?

Oh and is LJ doing strange to anyone else's layout? Is LJ telling me I really should update it?

Did I mention that I'm bored?


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I don't know what's up with your LJ - it's fine at the moment but hasn't been at other times this week. Mine's been fine?

I wish I could entertain you, but I'm just off to play the piano as part of my own evening-filling... Be back soon?

Oh, now it's gone weird. Apparently it's happier with replying than with reading comments?

It started with the 'previous page' button disappearing on my friends page, but now that's back this happened. I didn't touch a thing!

Enjoy plinking your piano. I think I have to scrub the bathroom floor. Joy.

They hate you, clearly!! Dastardly LJ.

Hope the floor goes/has gone well. It was good plinking (it is somewhat reassuring that, out of practice as I am and having failed my grade 8 four years ago, I can at least open my grade 6 book and play the pieces almost certainly better than I did in that exam).

Gosh, it's dark in here!

I don't know what's up with your LJ, but I hope it's just a temporary glitch.

Yeah, it's all gone strange. It's been like this now for three days.

Three days?! How can you bear it? Have you contacted LJ tech about it yet?

I don't spend much time in here really. I might give tech an email and as I need to ask them something else too.

I'm probably not the right person to ask re: mischief. :ponders:

You did trigger the last lot, so who knows.

Is your layout supposed to be black font on a black background? I can't read a dern thing unless I highlight it...

Nope. That would be silly. Something has gone rather awry...

I was having difficulty reading your latest chapter of WMWBtY. Finally, I read it on PDF.

What an update it was! The evil, evil First. Drawing her in, playing with her until the coffin was breached and poor Buffy was infected. :shiver:
How will this affect her soul?

Have I told you lately how much I love this story and your language? Well. I do.

Have a good weekend.

It's such a terrible time for my LJ to go all odd!

Thanks for making the effort though, I'm glad you enjoyed it, it's been such a labour. Hopefully, the next one will be a bit quicker - lots of it is written already.

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