Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,


Coke! Coke!

Sublime sweetness

Fizzing tongue
Sugar trip trigger
No more thirst

Vegetable extract secret smile
Sugar lingers
Goes with anything
Swig it down

Diet Version
Zero Cal
Saccharine sweet
Bubbling burp

Lemon Coke
Travesty in tin
Acidic Arsenic
Better with real fruit

Cherry cherry
Makes coke better
Times ten
Avoid Diet version

 To Crystal Castles...


Crazy singer
Rocks the mike

You can’t forget
Shock volume
Turn it up
All the way
Love it

Canadian racket
All beeps and bangs
Sonic shockwave
Tears up the night
Lost on most
Electric game music
Still good to dance to

Root Beer

Root Beer. Root Beer.
Smells like Germolene
Do you fear the hop?
For beer you are not.

Thai Curry...

Chilli dragon temper
from old Siam
Red or Yellow or Green
Flames of traffic light temptation
press tender kisses on sizzling lips
Watch for the ginger claws
and sharp kiffir lime bite
Stalks in lemongrass and garlic
Serpent slain by coconut milk

Tags: bad poetry

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