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Love and Rockets - Hopey

The good and the bad

The Good

The trip into London yesterday went textbook perfect, despite all the protests close to the Royal Albert Hall. In fact I didn't see a single protester the whole time. I was thinking I should have joined the protest, but as I didn't know about it until the day before, it wasn't very practical with my pre-paid parking and my cranky knee.

Editors were great though! I definitely want to see them again. This was all boosted by my unbelievably awesome seat about 3 metres away from the stage (unbelievable because I bought it well over halfway through the sale and even the people next to me were a bit surprised by how close it was - they went and checked the back of the hall to check they were in the right place! The only way I could have been closer would have been if I'd been in the row in front. Wow). That's eye-contact with the bassist distance (not that I really wanted that...). Anyway, great band, great gig, great night out.

And because more people need to experience the awesomeness (film not taken by me btw, I was much nearer than that!):

That's enough squee. Normal service will now resume.

The Bad

It's been awhile, but personal injury never stays a away from me for long. Knackered this morning after the late night, the cat standing on my head at 4am and the clocks going forward, I managed to scrape my arm along the spout of the just boiled kettle. Thus hours of icing my arm and the resulting owness that is still owing me now. :(

ETA: Blisters! Eek!



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Ouch! That is just the sort of thing I do.

Gig sounds good, though, and at least you hurt your arm after - before would have been worse... :~P

I iced it for hours, but alas it's blistering now. I shouldn't be allowed to make my own breakfast.

Yes, my buggered knee was quite enough pain for one night.

Yay!! And wow on being so close to the stage! :D

Boo on the arm. :(

I was astonished by the closeness. £50 well spent!

It's the same arm (the left) I burnt with a 100w light bulb about 15 years ago, cut with a bread knife (x2), stabbed with scissors and shredded on a broken window when I was 5. It's blistering lovely now.


Blimey, it must be well-hardened against this sort of thing... Are you sure Wolfram and Hart didn't give you an Evil Hand (TM) at some point?

And to think I thought about scrimping with the £25 Gallery tickets. They were miles away.

You never know with Wolfram and Hart.

*nods* So did you try and freak out the bassist by staring, or demurely keep your attention on the instruments?

I think it was more the other way round. I wanted him to play well, so no staring on my part.

I wish I could find the cable for my phone, so I could show you the view (I was so impressed with it!)

But that's no fun!

It does sound very impressive - and on seats too! My only experiences of being near the front involve crushing. :(

I've been 'near' the front before, but at the O2 and Wembley that still isn't very near at all (my company has a corporate box at the O2 that they sometimes let the plebs attend events for free in. It's very near the front and there's a great view side on to the stage, but there's still a whole block of seats before it).

I was at the front at Glastonbury where my friends insisted we must be to see The Cure (not my favourite band ever). Otherwise it's things like being at the back of The Garage, which is like being at the front everywhere else.

The only time I've been worried about crushing, even including being in the mosh pit at The Marquee, was at a Blur stadium gig when they were at their height. So many young girls a surging crowd make.

:squee: for the Editors. Told you it would be good (and I hadn't even heard of them before).

Well, I knew it would be good, I just worry about the getting there and whether it the right day!

No one seems to have heard of them, which they don't deserve, because they really are very good. Tom Smith has a wonderful voice and the songs are so strong and assured.

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