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The good and the bad

The Good

The trip into London yesterday went textbook perfect, despite all the protests close to the Royal Albert Hall. In fact I didn't see a single protester the whole time. I was thinking I should have joined the protest, but as I didn't know about it until the day before, it wasn't very practical with my pre-paid parking and my cranky knee.

Editors were great though! I definitely want to see them again. This was all boosted by my unbelievably awesome seat about 3 metres away from the stage (unbelievable because I bought it well over halfway through the sale and even the people next to me were a bit surprised by how close it was - they went and checked the back of the hall to check they were in the right place! The only way I could have been closer would have been if I'd been in the row in front. Wow). That's eye-contact with the bassist distance (not that I really wanted that...). Anyway, great band, great gig, great night out.

And because more people need to experience the awesomeness (film not taken by me btw, I was much nearer than that!):

That's enough squee. Normal service will now resume.

The Bad

It's been awhile, but personal injury never stays a away from me for long. Knackered this morning after the late night, the cat standing on my head at 4am and the clocks going forward, I managed to scrape my arm along the spout of the just boiled kettle. Thus hours of icing my arm and the resulting owness that is still owing me now. :(

ETA: Blisters! Eek!


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