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Music Meme

stultiloquentia apparently started a meme where people comment asked for a letter and then posted their five favourite songs that start with it. I caught a dose of the bug from quinara, of course. She gave me 'M'.

1. Miranda by Slowdive
Slowdive took over duties from Suede as my writing music – something nice enough to listen to, but not invasive enough to disturb me or give me the urge to sing along. I couldn't find a video for it though.

2, Marching Song by Esben and the Witch
This song is fantastic and probably the most truly gothic record I’ve heard in years. The album though, I found a bit challenging and I can’t decide if I love it or not. Time will possibly tell.

3, Munich by Editors
Ah, the first time I heard Editors and it was love at first listen. Three albums in and I’m still besotted. I’m seeing them on Saturday!

::time out for minor squee::

4. Miss the Girl by The Creatures
Siouxsie+Hawaii=Feast. I love their first album ‘Feast’, it’s the sound of Summer for me and this is the best track. This video cracks me up, the Top of the Pops audience just don’t know what to make of it..

5, Morning has Broken by 80’s Matchbox B-Line Disaster
Probably the only thing the ex got right about me was that I would love this band, and yep, I do. This has a pervy video I never know about!

I would have picked ‘Chicken’, but that doesn’t begin with ‘M’.

6. Mesmerism by Dead can Dance
A friend at university got me into Dead can Dance. I just love Lisa Gerrard’s voice.

7. My Tiled White Floor by Curve
I mourn for Curve, my second favourite band ever. They were always excellent, before and after their first split. They are another band that should have been huge, but Garbage supposedly stole their sound and that was that.

8. Meet Ze Monsta by PJ Harvey
More music from a friend I used to know. No embedded vid for this, but I had to pick this one as I was there!

9. Mad Pilot by Babes in Toyland
More Babes, because I am currently obsessed with them again.

10. Melt! by Siouxsie and the Banshees
Siouxsie is essential on a list like this, so a second appearance by the lady is just a bonus. I think is their sexiest song my far, but it’s probably meant to be.

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