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I think a new volcano has formed in my kitchen

You know it's going to be a good Thai curry when it makes your eyes water from the next room...



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Two big red ones and a bird's eye. The difference in this one I think was using Thai 7 Spice, plus the red curry paste. I think there was more chilli in there than I'd calculated.

My sinuses are lovely and clear now though.

It's a bit of peculiar mixture of my own creation, but:

chopped mushrooms and sweet potato (or other veg to taste (it should have had bamboo shoots but I forgot to buy them) red peppers work well though)
2 big red chillies and 1 bird eye chilli (i.e. what wasn't too shrivelled in the packet)
cashew nuts
Thai 7 Spice Mix (this is something I haven't used before and is probably what I underestimated, my curries are generally quite hot, just not this hot)
coconut milk
red curry paste
milk (to quench the volcano)

I toasted the cashews and fried off the onion. Put the sweet potato on to boil.
Then I cut up the chicken and coated it in the spices.
I put the red curry in the wok with the oil and sealed the chicken.
Added the chillies and the mushrooms, stir-fried them a bit, then added the coconut milk.
Added the onion, sweet potato and cashew nuts.
At this point I tasted the concoction and I realised I had a volcano on my hands, so I calmed it (a bit) with some milk.
brought it to the boil.
shimmered until I got bored of waiting for it to reduce (this is when I was sitting in the other room with my eyes stinging even with the window open).

I did Kimchee Jjigae (Korean Kimchee Soup) last week. It's strange how we love what hurts us.

The tingle on the lips is worth it.

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