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Fic: One Day (Supernatural)

I completely forgot about this little fic, possibly because no one will ever read it.

Title: One Day
Author: Bogwitch
Word Count: 211
Characters: John Winchester
Rating: U
Summary: Sunrise from the wrong side.
Authors Note: For the spnland prompt ‘rebirth’.

It should feel strange this, the sunrise seen from the other side; the sad end of the night, of the blanketing darkness, but it never does.

Late, late nights have become routine, each day finishing with a slow, weary trudge back to the Impala; a return of bittersweet triumph through the fuzzy murk of the pre-dawn twilight to the nascent sunrise, a beer of celebration on the hood of the old girl as the sun lifts over the distant hills, fresh and new for another day, the satisfaction of another spook sent on to the hereafter.

But it feels good this life, as good as it gets, despite the sleep elusively snatched whenever he gets the chance to rest his head and soothe the never-ending ache of the blossoming bruises; the nicks, the cuts and the gashes. All the time he’s getting closer, picking up trails whenever he can.

One day, John thinks with some small hope, the sun will be setting as he finishes his work. There’ll be one less bastard of a demon crawling the earth and he’ll be done with this life on the edges. His sons will be safe. His wife will be avenged.

One day he’ll reborn a new man, a normal man.

Someone happy perhaps.

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I read! John interests me (still in the early phases of SPN love and only four seasons in). He's tragic here, of course, but especially because he has hope. And we know it's an illusion, at least for him.

I usually get more readers from FFN for Supernatural than here, but I wrote it to get team points, so that's the main point.

I think even John knows that. Thanks for reading etc, I think as a whole I love SPN more than I ever liked Buffy (as it was always just about Spike), I don't even on with the fandom though.

Poor John. This was sad because we know how it ends, but really well written and descriptive.

Thanks. I don't think John really bought into that delusion though.

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