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Character Death Meme

As I made Miss quinara create it, I thought I had better complete it.

1. Do you dislike, tolerate, or enjoy fiction or art that depicts people dying?

Hmm. I’m not bothered whether characters die or not if it serves the story (I do love my angst after all), though I think it depends on context. I’m not very keen on those fics where they are about someone dying of old age and the immortal partner is left bereft.

I was going to say I didn’t like death in art, but then I realised I was totally lying, as long as IT ISN’T REAL. I am very squeamish in reality, but not at all in fiction.

2. How do you feel about ratings/warnings when it comes to depictions of violence or death?

I don’t really like warnings, but I’m pretty open minded. I don’t read the kind of fics that would need to warn me against things I wouldn’t like, i.e. slash pairings, but then I’m not keen on schmoop either so maybe only schmoop warnings are more appropriate to me.

I do wish people would warn me that they are going to put every next sentence in a (bracket) though. But that’s a rant for another time.

3. Does what you'll consume vary depending on the medium or author?


4. To what extent do you think what you produce or consume is affected by personal/cultural/religious views/beliefs you have concerning death?

As an atheist, I don’t have any views to apply. Okay, one view: we die, we go, that’s it. I accept religious/cultural concepts of heaven and hell as canon narratives set them.

I actually like stories that deal with heaven and hell a lot, from Dogma to Supernatural. I like stories about the supernatural and the occult, so it’s going to be a given.

5. Are there any characters/groups of characters (apart from the 'bad guys') that you are happier to read dying than others?

I’m happy to read about Angel going poof any time.

7. Do you prefer deaths to be explicitly depicted or to happen 'off-screen', if at all?

That would depend on the story, but generally off-screen would be cheating imo.

6. In terms of fiction, is there such a thing as a 'good death'? How would you define that?

This is feeling more and more like an exam!

I would define that as a heroic or sacrificial death. There’s honour to be found in going down fighting, even if you lose (take note Elena Gilbert).

8. In general, do you have a preference/anti-preference for the perspective from which a character death is written/discussed, be it the dying person, the killer or a bystander/someone else?
I don’t like first person stories at all, so they are out.

You know, I think I have a preference for the killer’s pov. It depends on who is doing the dying.

9. Are there any forms of violence you're more/less comfortable with than others?

I am not comfortable with stories where characters are broken down so they are submissive/gibbering idiots.

10. Are there any situations in which you think a death cannot/should not be 'bought back' either through resurrection or soap-style coma/amnesia retconning?

All of them probably. Depends on the way the resurrection is contrived, I suppose.

What I do hate is stories where a death is glossed over as ‘never happened’. I deal with canon and I’m subject to it’s constraints. If I have to read a paragraph (or more!) explaining just what the author has changed in the universe in order to shoehorn their fic idea into existence, I don’t bother reading any further.

11. Will you produce/consume depictions of the afterlife/dimensions or realities beyond our own that are usually accessed through death?

As a writer, if I need to; I can’t see it happening though, unless it’s Valhalla.

As a viewer, yes.

As a reader, maybe, it depends.

12. Does it matter to you whether the afterlife depicted is positive/'heavenly', neutral or negative/'hellish'?


13. Does it make a difference whether the characters depicted in these realities have died or are 'just visiting'?

No. though with the kind of things I read, just visiting is likely to be the norm.

14. Do you have any pet hates when it comes to depictions of death?

No, I don’t think so.

15. What do you wish more stories containing character deaths would include?

I don’t know. I wish more fics would have the conviction to actually kill characgters off, and that goes for myself as well.

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