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Checking in

The word count posts didn't last long, unsurprisingly. I got confused during a WIP edit and after that it just fell apart. I'm sure you are at least relieved, or more likely, you didn't care anyway.

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I cared! I mean, I can't honestly say that I used to spend my whole day waiting to see them, but they were amusing when they popped up.

As I shouldn't be surprised since I have a deadline in nine days, I broke my massive dry spell, finished my Spikeid draft and let my weekend get swallowed up with 10,000 words of seasonal_spuffy fic (I'm not sure what it is about stress that brings out all the typing). Alas, none of the scenes hang together coherently and I skipped past most of the plot, but there's something to work on at least...

I am so short of stuff to post.

I suppose this isn't a good time to beg you for some help on Working then. I have written myself into a hole and I need an opinion on my potential solutions. I'll help with the 10,000 words if you you like.

Oh, no, I'd be happy to help! As of yet I keep my evenings and weekends work-free. Given my ability at endings I don't know if I'll know what to do, but lay it out in an email and I'll have a think... (I will almost certainly call on your for the 10,000 words, when all the plot's been added and I become happy with it, if there's still time before the deadline. It's a S6 Angel crossover, where Buffy goes to Wesley instead of Tara about the spell, and it's kind of character-orientated since the plot isn't anything that's really unknown. And yet long-ish.)

It's not really the ending itself I'm stuck on, more about tying up all the threads properly. I think I have got myself into a bit of a hole (pun absolutely intended!).

Wesley, eh? Sounds good.

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