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Oh God, what have I done? I've just volunteered to co-host my friends children's Halloween party.
I don't get on with small children.
Have I gone mad?

In other news, I have been very busy doing stuff with Bob for our "holiday". We've wandered around Islington (so I could get photo's of Angel Tube Station - Yes, really!), got lost in the East End looking for Army Surplus shops (don't ask) and been accosted by a strange woman in a garden centre who wouldn't let us go.

Therefore I haven't had a lot of time to get any writing done, which is a disappointment. I now understand the frustration everyone seems to have when waiting to post challenge responses. I want to post my spiketara fic now. What's happening with that community anyway? Nothings happened there for ages.
I suppose I'll have to make something then.

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The good thing about its being a Halloween Party is that it gives you licence not to be yourself. So you can talk to the children as if you don't like them (within reason of course) and pretend it's because you're a grumpy witch or something.

Ha ha, ha ha, ha, HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

That's a good point. I'm always a witch! I have the hat and everything. (I suppose its obvious from the Bogwitch name, but still). I've even had practice. When I was a young Goth, I used to stare at children on the tube to stare them.

I want to go as Spike and Drusilla, but Bob won't co-operate.

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