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Cat post

The cat got a letter addressed to her this morning from the vet. How nice.

4th Jan word count (so far): 0

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Still better than mine.

You in minus figures then?

I love it when that happens.

I doubt she wanted the reminder that she had fleas though.

I can't tell whether that's cute or mildly patronising.

Tegan didn't venture an opinion when I gave it to her.

Well, I hope you didn't open it before she'd seen it! Unless - are you her secretary, perhaps?

She pees on my floor, I open her post. Tit for tat.

I wish there was a similar arrangement between me and the bloke(s?) on my corridor... (OK, the loo's communual, but I'm certain the piss on the floor contravenes my share of it somehow.)

I'm sure you wouldn't really be interested in their post.

I'm sure it would be more interesting that their piss, though.

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