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Drabble: Smash and Grab (Dark Angel)

This drabble was written for jam_pony_fic's Dark Angel Holiday Fest and I never got around to posting it here as I doubted anyone would be terribly interested, but I thought I'd better post it before I review my writing for the year. (I need all the padding I can get).

Title: Smash and Grab
Author: Bogwitch
Wordcount: 100
Pairing: Alec and Max (platonic)
Rating: PG
Summary: Just another night…

The bike’s engine breaks the night’s silence as it purrs with Max’s impatience.

Alec has barely a minute before the security camera cycles their way and they have to go. Smash and grab. He gets what they need and he’s gone; out of the office and into the rain. He’s still stuffing the money into his jacket as he jumps onto the back of the bike and they peel away, out of the side streets, into the midtown traffic.

If they didn’t need the cash so much, he’d love doing this with her.

Oh, who is he kidding? He does.