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Shrek - Puss

Happy Christmas

One glass of wine. One! And I'm nodding off.

A bit of grovelling is required before I can sleep though: My apologies for those I usually send cards to. With the op and the weather, I have been absolutely hopeless at getting my cards out this year. And after I spent six months making them as well.

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas, Sleepy Bog!

*is on the Bailey's*

And to you!

*did the Bailey's a couple of days ago*

*hasn't had any Bailey's since the someone-else-bought-it-and-thought-sweet-as-skank-Sainsbury's-substitute-was-good-enough imbroglio; is enjoying getting reacquainted*

I'm ashamed to confess I rather like the utterly cheapest of cheapo - probably contains meths - Sainsbury's Fake Baileys. (Faileys)

As my grandpa would say (possibly not about Bailey's): Oh, what!? I think we all know I have a sweet tooth the size of Mount Snowdon, but this Faileys of which you speak, it is awful. It tastes like what all the people who say they don't like Bailey's think Bailey's tastes like. Pish, I wave my hand at you!


I'm with both of you. Although Faileys is drinkable, it just isn't the same.

Faileys is fine as long as you don't pretend it's the real stuff. And it's cheap enough to use in puddings...

Ah, well, puddings isn't the same! (Though, that reminds me, have you ever had the Baileys praliney chocolate bar they do? Because that is close to the best thing ever - chocolate filled with Baileys stuff that has the consistency of fudge. Yum yum yum.)

It's lovely on a pancake.

Thanks, have a good one!

(Deleted comment)
Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy the day.

And after I spent six months making them as well.

There's always next year...Did you get mine, btw, or did that blasted postal strike over here really throw a spanner in the works?

I did arrive, I loved the owl!

Oh good! Thought you might ;-)

Merry Christmas to you - have a lovely day!

Hic... (I may have partaken in a little wine myself...)

I have thanks and I am now completely sober!

We aren't a very boozy family.

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