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Snow by Justgoto

Just Watching the a Winter Wonderland at a Safe, Warm, distance

So I survived my ovarian cyst operation and it seems to have gone very well. So much better than last time I had to have it done.

It’s hard to believe only three days ago I was lying in a pool of my own blood and ick (Twice. Note to self: don’t fall asleep lying on your wounds) and now I feel more or less completely fine! Hurrah for keyhole surgery and for excellent timing that means that although I’ve been signed off work for two weeks, I can’t go back until the 10th of January anyway! Plus no need to go out into all that pretty white, but annoying stuff that currently dumping itself down outside.

I'm going to finally finish watching Lost, encourage my new found obsession with The Vampire Diaries and do creative things. Yay!


I'm glad you are home safe and sound. The snow is lovely to look at...

It's lovely and I have no need at all to go out there!

So glad to hear everything went well! Inside in the warm is the best place to be right now, so you really have picked the perfect time. :)

And yay for Lost and The Vampire Diaries!


Thanks. The only downside is that I was hoping for a month off!

So pleased to hear that you are safe and well(er). Have a happy Christmas. Here's to a healthy New Year.

And to you! I suspect you are much worse of than me. I can't believe just how fine I am.

Very glad to hear that you are doing better. Enjoy Damon & company.

I'm glad it all went okay and you're feeling energetic enough to be doing creative things!

Not that I actually have done anything yet...

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I'm so glad it went well! And enjoy your creative/healing time!

So glad all's well with you. Stay warm and enjoy the wintery scenery while you finish healing.

It's so nice not to have to go out!

Yay!!!! Very glad you're feeling fine - and that you at least have some sort of holiday. Having just braved it down the hill with my parents to get some food, I definitely recommend staying inside... :D

It's the best of both worlds really, I'm not fit for work, but not actually unwell.

The parents ventured out earlier and it was decided no further trips were worth it.

Glad that you are feeling better. Hope you get some more healing rest and can stay out of the cold.

Thanks. Thankfully we are all stocked up!

(Deleted comment)
Glad you're feeling well, and in time to enjoy being indoors. Definitely not a week for wandering about outdoors anyway!

It's lovely not to have the pressure of worrying about work.

So glad you're feeling better! And I agree with staying home and enjoying the snow through the window. That's much more fun that slogging through it. :-)

I just started watching TVD myself. I want the next disc now, but unfortunately I have to wait until it comes from Netflix probably Tuesday. :-(

Hey, I know that feeling. I devoured the whole of it in a week! Luckily, I had all the episodes from the first season on my TV On Demand service.

It does look very pretty out there... but however well I'm feeling I can't risk falling over.

Delighted everything going well. Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Thanks. It's all good. And the same to you!

Glad to hear that the surgery went well and you are on the mend.

Thanks, it went a lot better than I expected.


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