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::Hugs Internet very hard::

I'm back! Okay, it was only for a day that my Internet went down, but it was very traumatic. I might be scarred for life. Don't leave me again WWW!

Thank you Virgin Media for restoring me to the information superhighway. Oh, and for fixing the TV as well. Hurrah!


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Your back!! Thank heavens!

Yes! I had to invite myself around my friend's house to borrow their wi fi to get the prompt, then my laptop was monopolised by their eight-year-old daughter.

And she chose the pic for the prompt, not me.

Oh, I thought the elfy dog was classic! Highly amusing.

Credit where it's due then.


I couldn't believe Virgin sent an engineer so quick (within 24 hours).You must have a dodgy depot.


No internet? That's a very scary story. Glad it has a happy ending.

Thankfully it wasn't for long! It was still terrifying though!

Yay! Welcome back!

I know I start to get twitchy if I'm away from internet access for too long!

I have just too many daily tasks to do online to be away from it too long!

Oh the internet is my haven from my dreary life so I feel your pain. But yay it's sorted!

I don't know what to do with myself without it.

Got to admit, 12° F in flipping cold. I think it works out to -11.1°C and it is flipping cold. I am so glad I was able to fill the oil tank this winter. Cape Cod is cold but no snow (yet) and I am left to ponder: Did the oil spill disrupt the world ocean current as some are claiming?

I somehow doubt it, and if it did it would take longer to have that sort of effect. They aren't claiming that over here.

That is flipping cold, but it was 15F here today. :)

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