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Many late night ramblings

Realised today, that apart from quizzes and memes, I've been pretty quiet lately. This is because life has been pretty dull of late. I'm now on my hols though, if you can call a week in Dunstable looking after my parent's cats that, so we've got a week of things to do lined up ahead of us.

First up SUNDAY:

Highlight of my day?

Went to Milton Keynes and almost saw ASH. Bob saw him (because he's taller than me, damn).

We went up there to COLLECTORMANIA 4, for an afternoon out and because I haven't been to a Sci FI event in years. It was all too much of a scrum for me though and we got out pretty quickly. Whose idea was it to put an event like that with loads of celebrity guests in shopping centre at the weekend? Dolts. Saw Rene Auberjonois and Roxann Dawson though (from a distance).

So that was pretty crap really.

Spent the rest of the day pointedly trying to avoid starting any writing. Still got some bits and pieces I'm working on, (gamiila I will get something to you eventually!) but I'm trying to write longer stuff now, I'm aiming at about a 1000 words a fic, I think I can manage that. I'm easing my way in slowly! What I really want to do is write something with a plot and dialogue, but the ideas have been eluding me so I'm going to keep going and see where I end up. I always have been crap at plots, I usually start and ramble on till I get to the end. I don't want to do that anymore, I want to plan.

Still with me?

In honour of lovesbitca's International Feedback day, I wanted to get loads of feedback off my chest. I didn't quite get the time to sort out stuff I wanted to comment on so I've only managed a couple, but taking this day as my inspiration, I'm making a resolve to feedback more often and try really hard not to upset the authors again!

so here goes:

calove I read Friends the other day:
Nice first fic. Had me sniffing about halfway and then a good neat end.

mahaliem Amnesia!Spike.
This made me smile. A lot. I can't remember if I said that before.

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