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Checking in

Hello world

I have nothing much to report. I am busy preparing for my operation which is very soon and I've just watched the whole of The Vampire Diaries, which I was supposed to have been saving for my lay off.

Oops. It'll just be Lost then.

That's it.


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Always nice to see you posting, and hope the op goes well.


You know I'm about though.

Hello Boggy!

How was The Vampire Diaries? I've heard things, but cannot tell whether it would be my thing or not.

Hope the op (and preparation) goes well!!

Prep includes things like clearing out my cupboard to get to the Christmas decs. That went well enough.

The Vampire Diaries is derivative fluff, but it's entertaining enough so I'll keep watching. It's no Buffy or Supernatural, but it's streets better than Twilight.

it's streets better than Twilight.
That's not hard.

Hope all goes well with the op.


I won't be adding a Twilight borefest to my invalid entertainment.

I read the books, which aren't bad for mindless entertainment. My daughter loved the first movie and convinced me to watch it with her. O_o Dramatic pauses and super angst for no apparent reason. And the "sparkles" have to be the worst effect I have ever seen, which is really sad considering what they can do with CG.

Nice to see a post from you. Hope the op goes smoothly and that you find something to keep you entertained afterwards.

Thanks. | might try True Blood.

(Deleted comment)
Hope your surgery goes well - best of luck and get well soon.

Thank you. It shouldn't be too bad, and hey, a month off.

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