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RIP Paul

Paul the Psychic Octopus is dead! This makes me and Illyria very sad.

Rest in Peace Paul.

In other tentacle news, I bought the cat a jellyfish for Christmas.


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I was thinking about making a very similar post to this.

Dear darling Paul; we hardly knew ye. :(

I bought the cat a jellyfish for Christmas.


I think the job was mine.

The jellyfish just had to be bought.

Most definitely. (To both your comments!)

Gone ro the great calamari in the sky:(

Never fear - according to this report he's getting a burial, "and perhaps a modest shrine". :D

I heard there was a line of toys due for Christmas too.

It's tough to be the bearer of such news. The internet thanks you for your sad duty.

I'm sorry for the interest's loss.

Just don't send her cut flowers. Ones in a pot are fine.

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