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How to Pet Your Cat

Maybe it's because I've been around cats most of my life, but I can't work out if this article is serious or not. Do you really need instructions to stroke a cat?

It doesn't take itself seriously, but surely isn't funny enough to be a joke?


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Well, it made me laugh.

I made me laugh too, but not consistently enough for me to be convinced it was meant to be comedy.

I think it's sorta spoofing the Do-It-Yourself "How-to-do" everything explanations, but I agree, not quite as funny as a spoof should be. It would be better with a video of the attacking kitten. ;)

I'm sure I could do it funnier if that's the case. And no, I'm not.

This is probably a better how to guide, or rather a how NOT to guide.

That's what happens when the doorbell goes!

But we approach ours like that all the time! But then, they don't claw us but rather dangle, looking bored, until we get bored ourselves and put them back down where they were in the first place.


Admittedly, I have also grown up around cats and so I know their body language and the "that isn't begging to have tummy scratched. that's a hand trap" thing.

But it seems to me this article is making petting a cat way, WAY more difficult than it actually is.

I still can't resist getting my hand trapped though.

I think such a pitiful excuse of an approach would cause the cat to leave.

Certainly none of them are going to stay long enough to wait for you to get your instructions out.

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