Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Drabble and a half: Distraction

Another one brought over from sb_fag_ends.

Title: Distraction
Creator: Bogwitch
Rating: What’s one less than R?
Word Count: 150
Setting/Prompt: Season six, Sunnydale Zoo
Summary: Who doesn’t go to work with half their mind thinking of something else?

It’s no good, she can’t do this. Not while Spike’s lurking in her head. He’s doomed her forever, she thinks. Even the zoo is a no go now.

Buffy watches the snake coil itself sensuously around a gnarled branch; tight and slow, strong and cold, and oh god, long. She can’t tear her eyes away.
The anaconda tastes the air behind the glass with a flick of its tongue and Buffy’s mind goes straight back to the night before and the roll of orgasms, one after another after another that left her spent and gasping.

As she remembers, her knees start to wobble and she starts to think that maybe slaying tonight was a bad idea. But there are always lives to save and vamps to slay and she has a sacred duty that doesn’t just stop because she wants to get laid.

She’ll make it a short patrol tonight.
Tags: all fic, btvs, spike/buffy

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