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keep the Fire Brigade on standby...

I'm making a crumble! Wish me luck!


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Prepare your escape route!

I have the the cat accounted for and I'm ready to run!

It's actually turned out okay. I think the crumble itself could have been cooked a bit more, but its not burnt!

Good luck!
What flavor? I love apples crumble .

Pear, cherry and blackberry! It is a success!

Pear, cherry and blackberry! It is a success!


Congratulations, you are now a fully fledged domestic goddess. Pear cherry and blackberry sounds good. I made a damson one yesterday, even though I'm on holiday - it was pretty good too.

The fruit was all out of tins. Nigella would be appalled.

Picture and full report expected.

It might be a bit late for the picture, hang on.

Okay, one pear, blackberry and cherry crumble:

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Oh, I can tell that was yummy!

It was pretty good. I'd like to point out that the dish isn't all that big,

Yum yum yum! Crumble is one of my favorites, especially warm with vanilla ice cream and/or whipped cream on top. But you have easy access to clotted cream to plop on top of it! ::is jealous::

I could use clotted cream, but I don't know anyone who would. Custard (or Crème Anglais if the restaurant has pretensions) is the only why to go.

Bogs, you crack me up.

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