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Drabble: But it Says 'The Mall' on the Map... [BtVS, Spike/Buffy]

Just bringing this little drabble over from sb_fag_ends.

Title: But it Says 'The Mall' on the Map...
Creator: Bogwitch
Rating: U
Setting: London, Post-Chosen
Summary/Prompt: Buffy POV. For the prompt 'The Mall'. Because quinara's been into London today.

Something’s not right with this picture.

I mean it’s great, I guess. I love that London royalty stuff. I’m a tourist! Sue me! I’m gonna to see all of the sights! Just sometimes all a girl wants is some shopping and this girl always goes to The Mall when she gets that urge to splurge!

It’s just this is not... This is just a road with palaces and parks. Where are the shoes? Where are the cute little dresses? Where are the big British stores packed with funky, yet affordable fashions?

Spike’s laughing at me. He’s known all along. Fiend.

Of course, to a Brit (or at least to a Londoner), 'The Mall' is also another type of place entirely...


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Adorable! Buffy misunderstanding words deliberately on the show is wonderful, but when she does it because Spike tricks her with his British speak... :D


Ha! Serves her right, I reckon! She should have looked at her guide book...

She probably thinks she doesn't need one with Spike in tow!

(Deleted comment)
I wonder if if ever actually does?

Oh...ok. Just got the punchline *slaps forehead* Stupid American over here.

Hee. 'Mall' is a word that we use but just doesn't feel right coming out of my mouth.

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