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BTVS - Buffy-Spike (Sparks)

Drabble: Size Always Matters

I'm bringing this drabble over from the new Spike'Buffy short fic/art/vid community sb_fag_ends. If you haven't checked us out yet, come on over and join in!

Title: Size Always Matters
Author: Bogwitch
Summary: From the prompt: Short
Rating: U

You wouldn’t think it by the way Spike dominates a room – he’s hard to miss. He looks like a rock star with the hair and coat and everything – but compared to Angel or Riley, he’s short.

Not short, short, not tiny, he’s not like a midget or anything, he’s just… not tall and because neither is she, Buffy likes him like that. She’s so over the brooding giants that were always her type; she’s been there, done the hunks, got the broken heart to remember them by.

This time, what she really wants, is someone more to her scale.

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Aww bless, and good for her! *g*

He's a much better choice.

really like this, love pithy drabbles with a good, feasible premise


I'd told myself I wouldn't write any more drabbles, but hey.

Yes, Buffy always looked like she was getting a bloody great crick in her neck getting kissed by Riley or Angel.

Thanks. Why are tall men always with short women anyway?

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