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Film Review

I have just watched the new Clash of the Titans and I wish I hadn't. What's good for scrubbing out brains? And don't say alcohol. .

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How do I get the Brillo pad in there?

Not allowed curry. Diet.

A very clever pipecleaner?

Hmm, then that's a tricky one. Highly spiced vegetables?

Vegetables? What are they?

I think people carve them out of wood.

Like the raspberry pips in the jam?

And those weird squidgy bits in ice cream.

They could be anything, especially in Ben and Jerrys.

Another thing I can't have. :(

Focus on the good bits! Like... Fruit?

It's fruit that got me into the trouble. Bloody smoothies!

Grr!! What about tasty squash?

It's still full of sugar!

I have to have Diet Coke at the moment (not a huge sacrifice...)

Not if you dilute it! And have No Added Sugar Ribena.

I'm sure that's an absolute chore! :D (Be careful of your teeth though! They replace the sugar with loads more acid...)

I read somewhere that's a myth. Crisps are much worse for your teeth as they hand about.

No Added Sugar? Why even bother.

Well, maybe the teeth thing, but the shake-up tests a few of us did when we were very bored a long, long time ago proved that Coke and Diet Coke react differently to shaking - and the main difference on the ingredients list? More types of acid! I think that's conclusive...

You have foiled my nefarious plan! Pesky Scooby.

All that proves is the drinks reaction to shaking is effected by acidity, there's no 'ergo it rots your teeth' from that experiment.

Well, it'll definitely make your throat cleaner! Or something.

I've got nothing, to be honest. My response to most of the 'rot your gut' jibes has nearly always been 'yes, because Coke is more acidic than my stomach, really'.

Yes, you are hardly one to talk.

Anyway, alcohol is awful for you too, but that doesn't stop people and I don't drink a lot of that.

Ah, but alcohol doesn't Count. (It's like other people's food.)

Doesn't it? Damn.

Why isn't cake counted as a vegetable? Things would be do much easier.


Sorry. It really is the only thing that springs to mind. Or..or, I know! Chocolate!

I have a chocolate icon, but it's an Angel one, so I won't use it because I don't want to make you feel worse.

Thanks for the thought. it's a shame there's none to hand. Or not considering the diet.

I know! I know! Watch the original Clash of the Titans. Or better yet, Jason and the Argonauts. That always cheers me up.

I thought of that, but I couldn't be bothered to hook up the old video. Maybe tomorrow.

I've never seen Jason and the Argonauts. Maybe that's a project for tomorrow. Problem is the new clash lost me about ten minutes in with 'soldiers from Argos'. They really need to shop somewhere better for their armour!

Picture a clear blue sky...

Honestly, I don't know what would be good for scrubbing out brains - if I did, I wouldn't be working, right?

As for the movie, yeah, it was pretty lame. I thought it was decent for what it was - that is, mindless entertainment (emphasis on mindless) and vehicle for yet more special effects (as if there aren't enough of that type of film already) - but I wouldn't waste time or money seeing it again.

I was discussing film with a friend recently and we were both bemoaning the lack of decent character development and plot in today's films. Hollywood really gears its "blockbusters" toward the lowest common denominator, IMO. One thing I said to her was, "Can you imagine trying to sell Out of Africa to a major studio today? Never happen!" And what a sad commentary on the film industry that is.

If not alcohol, there's always sugar high. :)

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