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(no subject)

I am so tired...

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Oh god I am too. :0 Thanks again for the lift. It was very much appreciated. :)

I think I'll last. Maybe.

Thanks for the entertainment!


(My thanks for the lift too!)

No problem. It improved a boring journey.

Assuming you're home by now though?

Knackered here as well, but really enjoyed it... LOVE my goodie bag! :D

Not quite. The cat needs collecting (and free dinner needs consuming!).


I share your pain. And exhaustion.

But it was fun. And those goggles are amazing.

Thanks for all you did - it was great to see you again.

Now I've had a nap, I feel much better. And now it's bedtime...

You can blame quinara for the goggle idea.

Great to see you too. Shame we can't all do this twice a year!

Hope you're feeling better today?

I'm starting to recover.

Did you have a fun ride with Sue and Quin? I'd guess that's a yes. *g*

I think I owe you a turnip... ;)

I'm fine now I've done lots of sleeping in my box overnight.

I had a very fun ride, much better than travelling alone.

I'm a bit frustrated by Howrse. I can't seem to do anything because I haven't been on it long enough and none of the competitions all day have been easy enough.


I was wishing I'd taken them along as the boring hours stretched out. Your company was a lot more fun than Radio 2.

Your mistake is training your horse. The more you train, the harder the comps, because it can only see comps commensurate with its skills. Just stick with training in speed and dressage until they get the 20 wins, then do other training. I made precisely the same mistake with my first horse. It gets a lot easier to understand, and a lot more fun!

Ah you told me that. I just got bored.

You missed the exciting topics of Angel, dollies and fashion for the larger lady!

Yeah, there are really dull bits at the beginning until the strategy clicks in.

Exactly the topics to grab the attention! Sue and I briefly discussed fashion for the larger lady and I'm eBaying for we-be-bop. Her shirt was gorgeous and colourful. I'm dead fed up with all-black outfits.

I'll never get bored with all black outfits! We were really discussing the horrors shops seem to think we should wear.

Nooo. I'm too old to be doing with the all-black. Time to please myself with inappropriate outfits and not the black or horrendously patterned tents the shops churn out. Bigger (and older) doesn't mean lack of taste. Dawn French should remember that. *g*

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