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This is getting spooky now

Okay, I'm officially scared.

Remember the owls that were stalking me? Well, I am receiving further communications.

A few days ago I found a crow feather by my car door. The next day another by the entrance to my flats. Today it was a pigeon feather as I left work, then yet another by the shops. Tegan has also starting playing with the feather boa I bought her and has ignored for a year thus far.

Then just now I find another feather on my rug.

What are the birds trying to tell me?


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Okay, putting my atheism aside, why then are they stepping up their vigilance now? And why the turquoise feather boa?

Because angels love fucking with our heads. Give them a break, they having boring jobs watching boring people live boring lives. Why blame them for trying to spice things up a bit?

God knows what they've been whispering in our ears. ;)

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