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This is getting spooky now

Okay, I'm officially scared.

Remember the owls that were stalking me? Well, I am receiving further communications.

A few days ago I found a crow feather by my car door. The next day another by the entrance to my flats. Today it was a pigeon feather as I left work, then yet another by the shops. Tegan has also starting playing with the feather boa I bought her and has ignored for a year thus far.

Then just now I find another feather on my rug.

What are the birds trying to tell me?


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Now Petzi Sis would tell you that it's your "angels" telling you that they are watching over you. At least that's what she tells me every time we find a feather in the backyard.

Okay, putting my atheism aside, why then are they stepping up their vigilance now? And why the turquoise feather boa?

Because angels love fucking with our heads. Give them a break, they having boring jobs watching boring people live boring lives. Why blame them for trying to spice things up a bit?

God knows what they've been whispering in our ears. ;)

(Deleted comment)
I hope it's something good.

I think they're trying to tell you to go see the new movie The Guardians of Ga Hoole. (It's about owls. Heroic owls.)

Heroic owls? I think I'm sold. Why wouldn't anyone what to see that?

Clearly there is a place waiting for you at Hogwarts, and they are getting tired of waiting for you to take the hint.

Ooh! You think?

I think they might be 25 years too late.

Do not question the magic!

If they're trying to tell you something they're not doing a very good job as they're leaving feathers all over the place for me too. I suspect it's weather-related. They're having a difficult job finding water and are probably telling us to make some available.

You always have to be so practical!

You're probably right, there wouldn't be much water around here. It's still odd though. I've never seen so many.

We noticed a lot more bodies in the waterways during the hot spell this year. Crows and pigeons mainly but also two baby boars. Canals have little 'duck ramps' at various points along the canal but they're not frequent enough and when non-swimming birds try to dring and over-balance, there's absolutely no chance they'll survive.

One tiny duck chick was trapped in a lock chamber as we were going down. I was convinced it would be crushed as it was stuck behind the huge metal lock gates as they opened. As we were leaving the lock, we saw the chick scooting off at high speed peeping for Mum. It had been washed down the outflow sluice and emerged like a cork popped from a bottle of champagne.

Speaking of French drinks, I have some mini bottles of cider for you that I'll bring to Midimeet.

That carnage sounds worse than the roads.

Cider? Ooh. Cider is always good.

The owls are not what they seem.

That's what I'm suspecting.

*spooky muzak*

I wonder what they want???

Probably to tell me that I'm paranoid.

Now, if only I were better at augury... I reckon your empire is going to be happy and prosperous for yet another year!

Either that or an evil cuckoo is trying to get a ransom for something and there's been a certain amount of miscommunication.

I think I like the first option better.

I got yet another message today - a feather stuck to my car door.

How was the holiday?

Blimey, they really do like you, don't they?

The holiday was all right... The most enjoyable part was probably watching loads of Come Dine With Me and Friends in a warm and sunny house, but that was because of the rather hairy nature of the rest of it. (I haven't worked out whether I'm going to post about it, but the car hire company upgraded us, meaning my mum was trying to drive this behemoth of a car, at one point down a little French-town backstreet - ending up with a crash into a bollard and a burst tyre. All at about 5mph, but my dad took the opportunity to get lary about it, so I ended up giving him a very loud piece of my mind, and I did the same this morning when he decided my mum had picked the wrong way to the airport. It's nice to know that I apparently have the power to stop his bullying of other people, rather than just stare it down when he tries it on me (not that he has in years, after I told him where to go when he had a tantrum about my A Level choices), but it doesn't exactly lead to the best holiday memories! :/)

Maybe I shouldn't have asked. :)

Hee! Well, I'll have cheered up by MidiMeet, I'm sure. ;)

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