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CD meme

So now it's CD's is it? What a waste of time this is. That means of course I'll have to do it!

Keep the list at 15 please!

CD Meme
gamiila's list
David Bowie
Elvis Costello
Depeche Mode
New Order
The Sex Pistols
The Stone Roses
David Sylvian
Paul Weller
The Cure
Beth Orton
Billie Holiday
Billy Idol
Kula Shaker
Eva Cassidy
Rolling Stones

Depeche Mode
New Order
The Sex Pistols
The Cure
Kula Shaker
Patti Smith
80's matchbox B-Line Disaster
Bikini Kill
Babes in Toyland
Prolapse (darling_effect will like that one!)
Queen Adreena
Buzzcocks (I so want to mother Pete Shelley)

This list would be much more similar if you could count vinyl and those of your partner's collection (Bob is very possessive of his).

Sorry, also wanted to wish Happy Birthday to diva_stardust too!

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