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Picspam: Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick races

I've finally sorted out the photos from my weekend away a few weeks ago. I took my mum to Stratford-upon-Avon, but I think we were the only tourists ever to skip a play to go horse racing instead.

We saw Shakespeare's birthplace, which made the cynic in me laugh a lot at the vagueness of their claims about the place. Shakespeare might have worked in here! This might have been his book!

We went in the Christmas shop, because of course, early June is just the time you want to buy some over-priced decorations.

We also tramped round Anne Hathaway's cottage and took in the Sweet Pea Festival.

This peacock at the outlet centre obligingly displayed for me as I got my camera out. It attacked some other poor woman, but I don't have a photo of that.

The butterfly farm was not for the faint hearted or those who don't like a butterfly in the face,

There was white ones:

Brown ones:

Blue ones:

Black ones:

And ones trying to attract the attention of Henri Rousseau

Then in the evening we went racing! But I didn't win anything.

None of these were mine:

James Barrymore (the horse's name) got frisky in the paddock:

Red Scintilla won.

Gazamali came second.

Royal Indulgence posed for me.

Honimere carried my £2 to a glorious defeat.

Uvinza didn't win either

Finally on the way home, we visited Coventry cathedral.

No, not the one remodelled by the Luftwaffe.

This one, remodelled by the builders.

Some Modernist stained glass.

Some more stained glass.

Then we went home.


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The butterflies must be new to Stratford, I don't remember those. I do remember Coventry and didn't care much for the modern version.

Nice horsies.

The butterflies were near the river, over the bridge.

We didn't care much for it either, but the colours were pretty.

Nice pics of some remarkably familiar-looking places. I've never been to Warwick races, though, but I tend to drive past the racecourse at least three times a week. You seem to have had a busy time!

Very busy!

You should go to the races, horses or greyhounds, even if you aren't into racing it's still an entertaining day (or evening in this case) out. We really liked Warwick racecourse, it wasn't too busy so you could get in close to the action and all the facilities are close together.

Oh - pretty horses, and pretty butterflies. The stained glass is rather impressive, too.

Pretty things do make nice pics.

It will be weird going to Coventry again for writerconuk. Haven't been there for years.

Nice pics. I love the Rousseau butterflies.

Edited at 2010-07-03 09:15 pm (UTC)

I can't say Coventry is on my list of favourite places, but then we'll only see the hotel.

I can't say Coventry is on my list of favourite places

Funnily enough, it is on mine; mainly because it's so wonderfully compact you can get around it on foot quite easily and quickly. Plus it's got some really nice pubs, even some that sell plum flavoured beer, a particularly nice restaurant that I've forgotten the name of and really good music venues.

They would make up for a lot of the greyness, I agree.

We were there last week and fell about laughing at the Christmas shop. We gave the Butterfly Farm a miss as I'm really not too fond of things fluttering near my face (a previous Butterfly Farm experience features in nightmares sometimes) but your photos are gorgeous. Shame about the losing horses!

I hope you stock up on al your Christmas goodies! There's only 6 months to go!

Actually the worse thing about the butterfly farm was worrying about treading on them.

What beautiful pictures. And what beautiful horses!

They'd hardly be top quality thoroughbreds, but they were beautiful nonetheless and almost within touching distance.

Wow, makes Plymouth and Cape Cod look like they suck in the old historic building department....Which they do a bit.

And they aren't even that old by our standards.

I know. There is one house hidden in Bourne that is actually the oldest one on Cape Cod, 1616, but it's humble private home next to the local library and almost no-one knows how special it is as it looks old but not like anything much.

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